What We're Doing

Policy Ideas

A growing coalition of organizations from across the city are dedicated to creating a community-based shared platform to guide the City of Atlanta’s next mayor. Many nonprofit organizations, coalitions, and other groups already have great and well-researched ideas for policy that will strengthen our city. Our job at Our Future Atlanta is to coordinate those ideas, ensure that our shared values are reflected in them, get community feedback, and form a single platform that we can all get behind. With community engagement lead by ATLisREADY, we are working hard to ensure diverse voices from across our city have input on policy ideas. We want to create a bold voice to tell our next Mayor and city officials what our vision for Atlanta is! 

Getting to the polls

In 2013, the last year there were municipal elections across Fulton County, voter turnout was 17.4%. In the 2009 City of Atlanta mayor’s race - one with no incumbents - fewer than 79,000 Atlantans cast their vote. The runoff between the two final candidates saw slightly more ballots - something that was unprecedented for a local runoff - but was decided by only 714 votes.

A very small number of our neighbors, friends, and family are choosing our leaders and the direction of our City. In 2017 we hope to change that. Participating organizations and everyday community members are pledging to inform, engage, and drive audiences to the polls this November. Find out what you can do here.


Spring 2017

Identifying and getting community feedback on the policy ideas for Atlanta’s future leaders!

Summer 2017

Helping Atlantans understand what’s at stake and what questions to ask this year!

Fall 2017

Motivating Atlantans to get to the polls and elect our next local leaders!

Starting in 2018 we hope to leverage our success in these activities to hold elected officials accountable.