What should we be asking

about the issues? 

Over the past few months we have held a series of community conversations aimed at diving deep into the issues that matter most to communities across Atlanta. Use the videos & information below to explore what local experts and community members are saying!

Who benefits from the 'sustainability' movement? 


Ted Terry, Sierra Club (and Mayor of Clarkston)


Angelou Ezeilo, Greening Youth Foundation

Na'Taki Osborne Jelks, West Atlanta Watershed Alliance

Christina Gibson, Trees Atlanta


Who is Atlanta building for? 


Thomas Wheatley, Atlanta Magazine


LeJuano Varnell, Historic District Development Corporation

Dan Immergluck, GSU Urban Studies Institute

Darin Givens, Thread ATL

Kate Little, Georgia ACT

Che Watkins, Center for Working Families

How do we create safer communities?

What impacts local schools?


Hiewet Senghor, Black Teacher Collaborative


Ian Cohen, Next Generation Men & Women

Jeffrey Martin, honorCode

Mindy Binderman, GEEARS

Shawnna Hayes-Tavares, APS parent and advocate


How can we redesign communities for transit? 


Odetta MacLeish-White, Enterprise Community Partners


Alex Trachtenberg, Southface

Brian Gist, Southern Environmental Law Center

Deborah Scott, Georgia Stand Up

Debbie Frank, MARTA