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  • Put basic needs before bling
  • Communicate to engage, not cya
  • Big business has a seat at the table(ACP), balance this with a new community organization table.
  • Strengthen and empower civic infrastructure
  • Use public dollars, public assets for good.
  • support good ideas, no matter where they come from
  • Play nice with others
  • Inspire your staff, inspire Atlantans
  • Be bold and transformative
  • Respect all our special places
  • Ensure integrity of electoral system and the sanctity of our votes.

    Equitable access to voting sites across all racial, ethnic and economic lines.

  • Implement participatory budgeting process to include community members and relevant stakeholders in the city's decisions about investments.
  • Fight against voter suppression to ensure the integrity of our electoral system.
  • Expand and improve marta based on the needs of the region's riders, to ensure equitable investment of tsplost and marta funds.

    Coordinate with affordable housing development and increase access to job centers.

  • Use local companies, labor, and manufacturing (jobs to move america) to expand and maintain MARTA and other forms of public transit.
  • improve accessibility to public transit for people with disabilities and ensure speed and reliability for marta mobility without privatizing it.
  • Address gentrification through mandatory long-term investments that promote permanent affordability for lower income residents.

    Invest in the Living Transit Fund and Housing Trust Fund; and in tools like a Community Land Trust network, deed restrictions and shared-equity models. Include those with 0-30% Annual Median Income.

  • Protect low-income residents from losing their homes.

    Implement rent control and eviction protection policies, expand homestead exemptions and provide rehab loans.

  • Ensure that all developments in the city incorporate the needs of local community members (particularly long-term residents).

    By implementing rent control and eviction protection policies, expanding homestead exemptions and providing rehab loans.

  • Pass a mandatory inclusionary zoning (IZ) ordinance for land around the Beltline and other major development projects.

    Advocate with state lawmakers to remove legal barriers to mandatory city-wide IZ.

  • Make Atlanta a leader in access to quality, affordable sexual and reproductive health care, decreasing our atrocious rates of HIV, STIs, maternal mortality, and infant mortality.
  • Secure Universal affordable healthcare for all residents in the City of Atlanta. 
  • Improve access to local, affordable, healthy food throughout the city.

    Support urban agriculture, school gardens, nutrition and cooking classes, and neighborhood groceries.

  • Support restorative justice programs in schools to stop the criminalization of students.
  • Support creative community partnerships to make extracurricular activities and quality summer programs accessible for all families. 
  • Appoint an Education Director to coordinate with APS, other agencies, businesses, foundations, and parents. 

    Better collaborate and invest in quality childcare, early childhood education, and rethink our schools as community centers providing support services (GED and job training, laundry, etc.)

  • Fully implement the city’s commitment to 100% renewable energy and maintain our commitment to the Paris climate Agreement.

    Ensure it includes community access to solar and green job training. Advocate for stronger renewable energy requirements with State of Georgia officials.

  • Reduce carbon, water, and waste of all Atlanta buildings, both commercial and residential. 

    Expand the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge, implement a Retrofit on Reconnect Ordinance and expand leak detection efforts.

  • Reduce flooding and stormwater pollution burden on communities of color 

    Develop an equitable Stormwater Utility to fund green infrastructure; provide incentives for urban agriculture on vacant land; implement mandatory recycling to reduce litter; strengthen the Tree Ordinance; ensure access to well-maintained public green spaces and trails for every neighborhood. 

  • Stop police brutality and end criminalization of communities of color and trans communities by adopting policies like Campaign Zero and The Movement for Black Lives.
  • Decriminalize nonviolent offenses, including marijuana and treat drug use and addiction as a health care issue instead of a criminal justice issue.
  • Encourage employers in our community to hire formerly incarcerated people and eliminate barriers to reentry, through practices and programs like Ban the Box.
  • Move Atlanta out of the nation’s Top 10 for inequality.

    Conduct a city-wide equity assessment to ensure that future investments lift up communities with greatest needs and remove barriers to high quality of life.

  • Implement $15 min wage in public and private sector with a pathway to a market-indexed living wage.
  • Develop a job market inclusive of all current education and trade skills, that prepares everyone for future high-wage industries.

    Industries Our Future Atlanta focuses on arts and entertainment, green and sustainable energy, construction, healthcare/homecare and childcare, and high-quality manufacturing.

  • Use city assets (purchasing power, lands, facilities) to deliver needed services making communities more resilient. 
  • Require that emerging media and entertainment industries and developers are investing 1% of profits in local arts and culture infrastructure of Atlanta.
  • Invest in the historic preservation of arts and culture to protect the legacy of diverse cultural expression throughout our communities.

    Such as maintaining operation of hip hop studios that have helped build Atlanta. 

  • Develop an arts infrastructure and community that is easily accessible and reflective of the diversity that is the city of Atlanta.