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2017 will bring new Atlanta leadership. Will it accelerate our improvements in quality of life? Or will it deepen our divides, distrust, and disparities? Now is the moment to reclaim the legacy of civil rights, activate our communities, and secure quality of life for ALL. There will be many chances to stand up and take action in 2017. Sign up to get updates as our work begins to take shape!



Our Future Atlanta is a growing coalition of organizations across Atlanta taking a stand on the importance of local elections. The Coalition is co-led by the Center for Civic Innovation, the Partnership for Southern Equity and ProGeorgia, and facilitated by Collective Wisdom Group. Find out more by clicking on any of the links below:


Every month Our Future Atlanta partners have great events to keep you up to speed on the 2017 City of Atlanta Mayoral elections and the issues that matter. Attend events and join the coalition!